It’s hard to know where to begin, and harder to know what I’m willing to commit to as a first post. I racked my mind and thought to myself, “What can you put out there, and really get behind?” The answer, of course, America. Don’t let the “je ne sais” in the blog title fool you, I am a patriotic little turd and although I love French fashion, French bread and French fries,

I’ve found that the French are horrible tippers. Fortunately, I no longer serve food. Anyway, in the spirit of “things that I can get behind”, here’s this guy:

Which led to a revamp of the balcony:

I’m a bit overwhelmed, so in short, these are the subjects I intend to tackle with vigor; why America is super rad, cats, shoes, gardening, food, art and not art, things I notice, book reviews, movie reviews of movies that have been out for a really long time, animal totems and consequent encounters, travel, turtles, what it’s gonna be like after I turn of cable, freedom, and a running log of how many miles I walk everyday. It’s gonna be downright scintillating.