Went to see Star Wars music performed by an orchestra at The Hollywood Bowl, in a fancy terrace box no less. Got there right as it was starting, not knowing what to expect. I’ll preface everything with a blanket statement of: it was awesome. Star Wars at The Bowl was narrated by the actor who played C3PO, as an orchestra played selected cuts to thematic montages projected on a screen and on The Bowl itself, which was awesome. I wish they’d stuck to some sort of chronological order though. The montages were heavy on the new movies, I wanted more Ewoks and less Jar Jar. There was one themed montage called “Safe Planet” and they showed footage from every movie, like here’s the safe place in every movie. It was a little frustrating, as I thought we were watching the movie, with a live orchestra for extra hype. My friend had anticipated stormtroopers dancing in the aisles and fire works, so her disappointment was palpable. We all agreed it was well worth going, but not what we’d expected. Obviously I wore a get up. I even made my eyebrows and eyelashes purple. Star Wars events and renaissance fairs, are great places for my cape pride. These people admired my cape. The Imperial March was the highlight of the evening. If anything the concert made me want to watch movies immediately.

Sweetheart who’d gotten this R2D2 beer chalice earlier at another Star Wars event that day… Way to be.

This lil’ dude was on fire. Such good form.  I wish this was a sequence.

A veritable rainbow of light sabers rise for The Imperial March.

At the end of the day, all I can say is, I frickin’ love Star Wars and I hope John Williams is around to score my abduction if a space man ever comes to befriend me, or a shark eats me, or I get stuck at the Temple of Doom.