Today I heard scratching at my door and opened it to my landlord taping a 3 Day Pay or Quit Notice on my front door. Poverty commands monastic living and I am well aware of each check I write, so I zinged back with a quick foray into the internet to Thus relevealing a deposited rent check. Burrrn. Case closed. Although it spurns me out that they lack the civility to call and ask, “Where’s the rent?”

Productivity is on blast over here and fortunately, it’s accompanied with some sound reasoning. After years of guestimating, and countless patch jobs, I hung shelves in a straight line, quite easily, using masking tape to get a straight line. I don’t know why I never thought of it. I’ve used snap lines and other half assed methods. Masking tape is by far the greatest tool for getting a good line. I was so pleased with the first set that I was back at the hardware store the next day. A combined 11 feet of shelving for $41 all in. Beat that Ikea.

Minwax Cherry stain on sanded pine. 2 coats. Why scrimp?

So satisfying. It’s not the titanic, but they’re sturdy and I found an easier way. I am overjoyed by masking tape. Masking Tape in 2012!