I don’t know if it’s the lingering after effects of The Big 4, but I did not come away from the Black Lips show needing to buy all their music and do further research. The opening band, Cerebral Palsy, was pretty epic, loud, chaotic, and fun. They made me want to throw my eight dollar beer, like a happy fountain of sudsy revelry. The Black Lips took to the stage. Previously, all I knew of them was one song off a sampler, which is a vampirey jam with Gregorian chanting and hand claps. Sounds good, right? Not only did they not play that song, but unfortunately none of their other songs touched me the same way. I was looking for psychedelic, creepy, droning. But the Black Lips play power pop, with projections of amoebas and stuff, and unfortunately they gave me a “softee”. When presented by amplified guitars, I should be aroused, end of story. Instead I felt like I was watching nostalgic hipsters, who wish they lived in a garage in the ’60’s. I’m bettin’ there’s some mid-century modern, pomade greased, nonsense in their mental garages. The Paul McCartney bass, and head bob, the tunics and medallions, pegged pants. I don’t want get all judgey, but there are so many great bands from that time period, that I don’t see the point of rehashing it-not as well. Props to their drummer, who is fun to watch, like Animal from “The Muppets”, but skinny, white, and with a greasy bob. The kids who were there had a blast, and would wholeheartedly disagree with me, but then again, most of ’em don’t know The Kingsmen. Lately all my younger friend’s all seem to be on acid in the desert. I probably should have asked for a tab.

Best news of the night by far:

Best shoes:

Best nails (note the pro hand positioning):