Using plaster gauze, bought at a local art supply store, I cast my friends very pregnant belly. At 9 months and a bit,  it was hard to get her enthusisastic about anything other than going into labor, but it ended up being like a spa for the belly mixed with a comedy club, as her husband entertained us with his “Thriller” routine. After getting her as comfortable as possible on the couch, I lubed her up with olive oil, figuring it’s non-toxic and, after wetting the plaster gauze, I wrapped that belly up. I confess that, as the plaster heated up while drying, I was concerned that the baby might be cooking. But I watch slasher films all day, so majority of my concerns are morbid and I let most of them pass. We made two casts, as she was generous enough to let me have one for an art project.

You can see the indent of mamas belly button in the same spot in each cast. The shape of each is slightly different as the baby threw some bows during the second casting. The bottom mold has been trimmed and reinforced, as the plaster’s pretty delicate, the layers needed to be wrapped along the edges. After completing both casts, I began researching fiberglass resin and bondo. I put a plan in place to make these casts into bomb shelters for pets, or smurfs. As I was having my grandiose, chemically enhanced, cast fantasies….

my friend made THIS! Now, I’ve made a lot of cool stuff in my time, but nothing EVER as cool as this little dude. He’s perfect.

Congratulations to LO’M, MO’M and welcome OBO’M!!!