A couple months ago, when my dad visited from London, I snapped this picture of him watching “Bridalplasty”. My dad laughed until he fell off my couch. I like to call him on Independence Day, it’s kind of a joke, as I’m here in the US and he’s back in England. Ever since I can remember he’s always told me that although he wished that I’d lived with him, that he’s always been glad that I grew up in America. My dad does a wicked John Wayne, named my little sister Harley, and reveres the ideals and principles on which this country was founded. He used to tell me, “In America, if you succeed you won’t be penalized for it. Here in England if you manage to buy a Porsche, some cunt will come along and scratch it. I want you to be able to shoot for the stars and get there.” Well I ain’t there yet, but I am glad to be here.