Will the wonders of summer never cease? Another excellent night at The Bowl, which is my favorite venue west of Radio City. Had I graduated from Immaculate Heart, I would have gotten my diploma on the stage at The Bowl, but the nuns had grudges and scores to settle. Anyway back to The Bowl.

Sharon Van Etten was amazing, and she had excellent nervous between song banter. Natural voice and natural nerves, appropriately blown away performing at The Hollywood Bowl.

These folks brought candles. I am inspired and will need another set of box seats.

Neko hit the stage. No fancy lighting, although the bass players beard was extra fancy. Seems to me big beards are big business. Anyway, no fussy projectors or grand lighting changes, just her voice.

“Not the man you think I am” from a broad in a dress, God I love her.

After Neko’s set we went backstage to say “Happy Birthday” to the lady of the hour. I was with the cool kids.

I brought my funny nose cup and used the VIP facilities.

There was cake, brought by Neko’s #1 fan! Happy Birthday Neko!

Goodnight bass.

The National performed with much gusto, but as Joy Division fans, we were kind of depressed by the whole thing. St Vincent’s legs were my favorite part of their set.

They did have a wicked horn section. Add horns and I’m in. RIP RFTC (please come back, pretty please!)

We arrived at the valet to “Love Is A Battlefield” and departed to “Freefallin'”. Sing-alongs ensued. Another memorable night at The Hollywood Bowl. It was long ago suggested that I get HOLLYWOOD tattooed across my back, by a friend who tried to throw me that stellar nickname. I am glad I don’t have that tattoo and the nickname never stuck, but a Bowl tattoo might not be such a terrible idea…