Since my move I have been working up a storm and enjoying the benefits of having a Korean Wizard, more on that in the future. However, with the furious amount of work I found the crushing urge to run today. I’m in love with Elysian Park and will undoubtedly take a camera to photograph my favorite spots eventually. Today I went with one purpose, to run. I kept a steady pace and ran the whole trail. I walked once I hit concrete and then found myself running again, at the same steady pace. In mid stride I pulled my leg back and stopped short, avoiding squashing a lizard. It was after sunset and he was grabbing the last of the heat off the pavement. We locked eyes, and I babbled nonsense in english, at the lizard, as I do not speak lizard… or maybe I do. Anyway, we had a phenomenal stare down and then I explained the hawks were looking for him and he scurried up the mountain to safety. Lizards underfoot, good thing the Hawaii ticket is purchased. It’s not as ominous as my last lizard sighting, this one got away. If I am truly on some sort of path where the lizards are talkin’ to me, I’m gonna interpret today’s encounter to mean that I’m also the one that got away. The one that got away with it all.