Here’s some of the good news.

It’s LadyBug season. Years ago, I learned the hard way, after exterminating thirty percent of my yard’s LadyBug population, that LadyBugs start out as prehistoric, unattractive crawlers. They’re unsightly and they crawl around on your plants, making you think they’re munching on your greens, which they are not. They are looking for a good spot to begin their ¬†metamorphosis.

Once they’ve stretched their legs and had a good crawl, they’ll be looking for a branch, pot or wall to affix themselves to. Do not disturb the strange black boogers on your wall, they’re LadyBugs.

Then they patiently transform into the good luck bearing magical little aphid killers, the LadyBug.

Other stuff worth noting: I won my dad a new samurai sword component on e-bay. I got an urgent samurai e-mail followed by a frantic “Did you get my samurai e-mail?” call. This guy is really serious.

I was over the return of jazzercize gear, crop tops, leg warmers, etc… all evidence of a time I have banished from my mind, the ’80’s. But if there’s one thing I welcome back from that time, it’s this:

This made me positively giddy. Perhaps the Occupy Wall Street folks can get their hands on some TP. Cocoon those fuckers into their gilded cages.

Finally, I unpacked last month, and am still foraging for things I need in boxes, but I forgot the key to feeling like you’ve got a home. Home is where the roast is.