After filling up on grains and kombucha we hit the road. Big Kahuna had the guide book, which was better than most. It had jokes about lawyers and useful insights. However, I believe it was the spirit of adventure that lead us to Issac Hale Beach Park, where a violent paradise of brilliant green jungle and black lava, met the cleanest, meanest waves. We made our way onto the shore break. Kynalu racing to the tip, fearless as all Vampires are, to take over the lookout tower. Show Kynalu a ladder and he’ll climb it.

These massive concrete jacks looked liked they’d been tossed from the hand of a giant.

The Hawaiians commemorate death as strongly as they celebrate life. It’s natural, why fight it? I can dig it, I just can’t do it. Yet.

I love this photo of Fancy, her eyes say how I felt right there.

Home turf, advantages. There was no way in or out of the water that I could surmise, except to climb the lava into the jungle. Had I been more patient I would have waited for this warrior to make his exit. But there was too much to see. It was like in Donny Darko when the celestial tube from your belly pulls you into a future and all you can do is follow, staring, stupefied and open mouthed, as your eyes feed.

My first love used to draw me waves like this. He was a merman. This wave was scrawled four feet deep in the concrete barricade for the sea. With so much to look at the tribe disbanded, as we all branched out exploring. There was an incredible gallery in the parking lot.

I walked through the parking lot and down to the edge of the bay. I looked around for my partners. I think I probably would have been okay if they’d left me there.

Turning the corner I found the lifeguards, and more waves.

The waves were huge and coming in quick sets. Two surfers and one insanely brave swimmer were out there, looking like peas floating in an angry blue soup. I was debating whether  I was gonna hit on the lifeguards, or try and buy weed off the lady with the pot-leaf belly tattoo, but Kahuna and Fancy pulled up in the ride and wrangled us kids for the short ride to our next incredible destination, on the never ending story that is Day Three.