As this blog attests, I am indeed one fortuitous mother. I closed out 2011 under a lucky star, receiving a gift certificate for a facial by Lucy Nunez. I’d heard plenty about Lucy from my Korean. Mind you, the Korean knows everything. She feng shuied my apartment, educated me on the left over juju you inherit when buying vintage, turned me to the Korean spa and now this. The Korean has such incredible skin that she was hired for a Sephora infomercial about reducing pore size. She was the “after”. The Korean credits Lucy Nunez with her flawless complexion, and now she was sending me to Lucy. Man, everyone should have a Korean fairy godmother!

I did a little research, because I google everything, and Lucy was no exception. Lucy developed a great reputation, solid clientel and intense continued education, working, for almost a decade, at Sonya Dakar in Beverly Hills. She also developed an appreciation and understanding of plant magic working at a homeopathic skin care clinic during her off time. That’s the perfect combo of luxury and hippy for me. Not only am I a fancy tomboy, but I’m English, with sensitive, pale skin and occasional bouts of eczema. I needed to make sure this wasn’t gonna be a facemelter.

Lucy’s practice is located at Krystal Salon and Day Spa, just over the hill, in Studio City. She was there to greet me and I was taken aback. I don’t get my hair cut by people with bad hair, and looking at Lucy I was enthralled. Her skin is perfect, dare I say, better than the Korean’s. Once settled in her “office”, having completed a questionnaire, she reviewed not only my skin care regimens, but also my diet and excercise. I was glad that she incorporated my overall well-being into the equation. When I’ve gone to a dermatologist, they’re real specific and they zap or cut, never looking at the whole and certainly not questioning your dairy intake.

I settled into the super comfy, contoured bed and Lucy tucked me in. I closed my eyes to the bright light and she began to inspect my grill. Immediately she was telling me which products I was using that were too harsh. Another big difference between an esthetician and a dermatologist, they won’t light your face on fire. Lucy talked me through a variety of other ways of stimulating cell turnover without pain. I could feel myself getting better looking by the second.

Lucy cleaned my face with a creme cleanser, followed by a light orange scrub, which smelled like orange blossoms. If you’ve never had your face washed, it’s like you’re Cleopatra, beyond decadent. Next was a pumpkin exfoliant to get to my baby skin. Then it was steam time, during which Lucy and I talked supplements and she recommended that I, as a bona fide dairy-holic, add acidophilus to my daily vitamins. As a compulsive mother-effer,  I stocked up on my way home. Lucy’s extractions were painless and followed by a lactic peel, which was crowned with a moisturizing mask. In the normal world, this would be the end of a perfectly wonderful, exemplary, facial, but this is Lucy’s world.

She asked if I’d ever had microdermabrasion and I told her I was a bit afraid of having broken glass rubbed on my fragile grill. She agreed wholeheartedly and introduced me to her diamond headed machine and I reclined happily. What girl doesn’t want to have her face polished with diamonds? The diamonds exfoliate the surface of your skin, and the vacuum draws your skin in, pulling blood to the surface, stimulating cellular turnover. When she was done, I was in high school. I lay there staring in the hand held mirror, wondering if Cher wrote “Turn Back Time” about Lucy.

Then she dropped science, literally NASA science. Using tiny fan-shaped brushes Lucy applied a calming mask and clicked a button on the bed so I was sitting up, like an ergonomic hospital bed. Then she unfolded a light panel in front of me and placed tanning booth goggles over my eyes. She turned on the light and explained that NASA had developed this advancement in using light technology for healing. The blue lights are antibacterial, the red stimulates collagen and the amber controls rosacea and inflamation. I love science and I desperately want my very own LED light. It was super relaxing, and  I zoned out, imagining listening to music on the couch with my little sun goggles, as the fancy lamp turned back my facial odometer.

To set me up for continued results throughout the night, Lucy sprayed an oxygenated herbal infusion  on my face and neck and told me not to wash my face that night. She also sent me home with her special sauce, her Piel Night Recovery Serum, which is infinetely lighter and more effective than La Mer, which had been my go-to. I told her she should change the name to “face crack” because I will be at her door, regularly trying to cop this serum.

Finally, and here’s the big deal, in the week since my facial, my skin has actually improved. I am beyond enthusiastic about Lucy. Your grill is what you put out there, and as someone who lived though their “live fast, die young” stage, if I’m gonna be here, I’m wanna look good.

You might not be able to get an appointment at awards season, as Lucy quietly works on some of the most photographed faces in the world, and don’t even try to get my appointment, but if you want to treat yourself, maintain healthier skin, and turn back time, go see Lucy. I was gonna write her a love poem, but I figure a love blog is more fun.