In the life partner, cat lady, best friend category, I scored, and it was my pleasure to get gussied up to celebrate the birth of my best pal. Having been absorbed into her family at sixteen years old and bailed out of jail by her brother-in-law at twenty eight, these people know who I am, and still invite me. Bless them!

In efforts to procure a gift, I rummaged through my various crafting boxes and got absorbed into polishing a chain I’d purchased at a flea market for five bucks. I was completely absorbed in an episode of “Charmed” while polishing, and I’m not saying it had an impact, but I polished the chain until I hit gold, literally I polished until MADE IN ITALY 14K shone through. Knowing my passion for a bargain, a find, and flare in general, this wasn’t to be gifted. I put on the  shiny chain and went shopping for a present.

The chain inspired a wicked outfit, I think it’s possessed by a slutty spirit, and I plan on wearing it everyday.

We started off the party at Honda-Ya, having celebrated Mally’s birthday at Honda-Ya the week before: the photo below is how a party of four ate $200 of skewers that cost $4.00 and $200 of sake and beer… 50 skewers per person, 2 pitchers per person, and a medium bottle of sake per person, pork belly burps for days:

Suffice to say I had my order ready this time and, possessed by the slutty chain, I was ready to party. I must say my chosen family loves to party, probably why they kept me after the arrest.  Anyhow, my BFF is gonna get married, and my new extended family likes to party, loves to eat, and they even have a sister who got engaged at karaoke, are you kidding me Larry?

We ate, drank, and having brought the trick candles, I was prepared for the lighting, and re-lighting of the cake / ice-cream. I love this girl! What a star.

Polishing off every bottle at the table, we meandered downstairs to the next:

Having gone karaoke-pro over a decade ago, with twenty years in the game, I was happy to plug in the first few numbers. We launched into “Faithfully”, and yeah, we’re best buds forever, so yeah, we serenaded each other. She killed “Proud Mary”, check the glimmer:

The set list included an all room “Tender Roni”, “Holiday” and “Sexy Motherfucker”. The mom’s sang Donna Summer, “She Works Hard for the Money”, with passion, and TRUTH. The men attacked some Kanye, leaving them hyperventilating and the crowd impressed:

The room was on fire for Rick James’ “Give It to Me”; “gimmie that sweet, that funk, that sweet, that funky stuff, SAY WHAT!?”:

We closed out the night with a mother and daughter duet, so classy:

My birthday’s coming up. Saying it now: same crew, same place, let’s get salty!