I’m fiending to go back to Hawaii or Big Sur, so I jumped at the invitation for a wee hike in Temescal Canyon. Having gone to high school in Santa Monica, driving from Hollywood every day, I get nostalgic when I drive to the beach. I giggled, remembering my high school crushes, as I parked on Sunset Boulevard, across from Palisades High School. Surfer babes went to Pali.

Anyway, I brought an apple and some water and finished off both while awaiting my hiking partner. I poked my nose around in the parking lot and found  a map. Don’t let the cartoonish map fool you, Temescal’s a pretty steep 4.2 mile round-trip.

My hiking partner arrived and we hit the trail. Climbing away from civilization and needing new eye candy, I was enthralled by new terrain.

The first half of the hike is up hill and it’s the sunny side, but you get dappled coverage from the trees lining the trail.

You plateau with a breathtaking view of Santa Monica Bay.

The downhill into the shady side is magic.

It reminded me of Hilo, bright green and humming with life.

Passing though “The Shire” we came upon a waterfall.

Walking away from the waterfall I saw a lizard, without legs, that rattled at me, yep, it was in fact a rattlesnake. As a nature enthusiast, I was stoked, it’s frickin’ nature. As an avid fan of “Snakes on a Plane” I was fuckin’ terrified, it’s a venomous snake. My parter, a woodsy type, suggested we poke at it. Duh, no. Walking another 100 feet we came up on the sign below. Thanks very much, but you’re late.

The waterfall’s trickle down effect totally worked, and it got so green and moist that we determined we were officially in a bog.

Even our shadows look like they had fun.

Young Attenborough was photographing squirrels on the way out. The squirrels were strikingly adorable and way less rabid than in Echo Park.

I took Sunset all the way home. If I ever had the chance to close a street, I’d shut down Sunset Boulevard from the Pacific Palisades through Hollywood. It’s my favorite drive, through Brentwood and Bel Air, passing the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel and zooming along the flat through to the Sunset Strip. RIP Hamburger Hamlet. RIP Hair Metal.