I saw Gucci Mane and got a temporary ice cream face tat. Then in a separate incident, I smashed my car while thinking about ice-cream. Car-less, I watched me a whole shitload of Netflix. Here, in the week of my birth, is my offering of some of the “flix” in heavy rotation.

Let us begin with SHARKS:


Blue Planet

Deep Blue Sea, Samuel L. Jackson vs. super smart sharks. Over 100 viewings and counting.

The Reef, better than Open Water, as it’s made by Australians, and we all know they’re the fuckers crazy enough to have a real shark in the ocean with the cast, for real. Way terrifying. 5 watches within 2 weeks and counting.

Cleaning, dancing, at home jams:

Never Say Never Justin Bieber… It’s on RIGHT NOW as I type. 30+ watches…and yes I am a 30+ Bieber fan.

Cher Farewell Tour, I went to Staples for the show, and I can watch Cher for hours. 4+ watches

The September Issue, 40+ watches

Step Up 3, 15+ watches


Until The Light Takes Us, I absolutely flipped out first time I watched this documentary on black metal, had to call members of the black metal club from my old job to discuss. 3 watches and counting

Bill Cunningham New York, 4 watches

The Eyes of Tammy Faye


All About Eve, 10+ and conting

The Three Muskateers (Richard Liester), my dad and I have watched this over 100 times and now that I have access, I’d say I’m at 120+ and counting

The Fighter

The BEST TV Show EVER: Ru Paul’s Drag Race. TRUST ME.

That should be enough to get your Netflix recommendations completely jacked. Blame me when it suggests Hannah Montana and Nanny 911