Typically, I spend the month of my birth preparing an internal state of the union address. However, with everything so wide open, it seemed futile to build a list. Having never set a course, in the past I’ve been blessed to land where I’ve flourished. Currently testing uncharted waters, sometimes I get immobilized by freedom and choice. On a bad day, my current rogue status can feel like failure. Birthdays have a way of magnifying uncomfortable feelings, but not this year.

In anticipation of a potential attack on myself, by myself, I scheduled my taxes and a visit to the dentist before my birthday. I’m  a firm believer in making it rain, either way. If March was gonna bite, I was gonna have to bite back. As a worker with no work, I make business of my life. The dentist and taxes are akin to a Product Launch or a Trade Show in my estimation. Knowing I’d need some sense of accomplishment, I was bangin’ out stuff I’d rather avoid.

Taxes could’ve gone worse, my accountant wished me well, telling me he preferred my returns two years ago, me too bud, me too. The dentist was better, no news is good news. With all the potential bummer behind me, I started getting excited for what was assured to be the best weekend ever. One of my kids had recently gotten married on the sly, and he and his lovely bride were exchanging vows the first weekend of March.

When I went to my 20 Year High School Reunion, and was inevitably asked if I’d had kids, I answered “Yes”. Although I’m not a mother, I’ve raised a few kids in my day. Some of ’em were adult babies and some of ’em really were children, who became mine, in my heart. These are the one’s who grew-up, literally and figuratively, right before my eyes. I got to be part of surprising “my kids” when they went pro, and when it was time to surprise Kevin, we did it on his birthday cake.

Here’s the mini roll of the day , back in 2003 , Kevin got his pro cake!

Nine years later, I headed up to his dad’s ranch, a day early, to help make his wedding cake. Me and Anne, the chief baker, worked, jamming to the amazing i-pod that Kevin made for his dad, as family and friends prepared for the celebration the next day.

I have no words for how proud, emotional, fun or blessed the day was, so I’ll leave it at this, Congratulations Kevin and Nina! ALL THE BEST!

We celebrated late into the night. The kids and John Long continued into the following morning. Driving home, after such a magical weekend, we expected dolphins to be our wingman down the coast.

Next up was my birthday, which was exactly what I wanted, a room full of friends, food & drink, and songs. With so many first timers in the karaoke room, it was amazing to hear as they’d find their voices and get loud. Veteran singers like Anne, Arfin, Bob, BBR, Regan, and Camille held the room in the palm of their hands, while ingenue Nina Long channelled Ariel. John Minor, another first timer, closed out the night with an impecable “So Lonley”. From the first note, John won Song of the Night.

I celebrated well into the next 48 hours, as another one of “my kids” birthdays falls the day after mine. With so much raw passion, extreme feelings of joy, weddings and birthdays, I was pooped by St. Patty’s Day.

But this March was unrelenting, and March wasn’t done being stupefyingly awesome. I was invited to participate in a big art show called All In for the 99%, which would feature a ton of artists I’ve watched for years, and me.

My friend from New Image Gallery, who curated the show, told me I was welcome to bring my Tormentous monsters, but encouraged me to try something new. Thus began days of mistakes, obstacles overcome, and nights where I couldn’t sleep because my mind wasn’t done calculating, planning, and questioning. It was great to not be able to sleep because of inspiration, and I realize how much I enjoy a deadline.

After borrowing a Tracer, just incase I really couldn’t perform. Inspired by thrift store findings, I finally tucked into one idea.

It was so good to do something new and be super uncomfortable. As a compulsive, hermit type, I went full on, working six or seven hour stretches, until my eyes had heartbeats.

Dropping off the piece was one of the best feelings. This thing had ruled my life, here TAKE IT. I walked so light once it was out of my hands. I went to the show a couple days later. It was amazing to see my piece in the crowded walls. People liked it. I was stoked.

Best March Ever.