This was my maiden voyage into the real world as a non, smoker, and I made it through unscathed. Today, in fact, marks four weeks of non-smoking, and I think I might be through the woods. Not entirely out of the woods, but far from the woods where John Rambo resided.

Anyway back to the voyage. I ventured out for Los Lobos Cinco de Mayo Festival at The Greek with X and Mariachi El Bronx. This being my first summer outdoor show, I determined I should walk to the show. It’s about five miles on google, but google didn’t show the hill. It was not the pleasant stroll I imagined and I hauled ass to meet my friend for the show. I got a coffee and we came upon this Laker jersey. She’s a true believer so we stopped for my pal to say her prayers.

As usual, and always appreciated, I encountered a wizard.

We walked up Vermont where we encountered a homeless man who was so wizard I sprung a twenty on him. Not that I have twenties to pass around, but when we got to the corner, looking back as he snapped it and turned it over repeatedly, seemingly not sure it was real. Wizard shit. Magic. Anyway, it was fully mutual, and thanks to the rampant wizard juju, I was able to conjure these future morsels of living:

Pffff, and there are people who think magic ain’t real. Chuh. Check me out.

Anyway, back to Cinco de Mayo. First up was Mariachi El Bronx, which is the baby punk band The Bronx’s mariachi band. They were super fun and I had instant gear envy. I’ve always wanted a mariachi suit, at least the pants. I love complicated pants.

Next up was X. Not only do I love the band, but I had a chance to interview John Doe once, and I did so in a pair of depends, just so I could call the article Shitting Myself Over John Doe. He was both charmed and mortified, an effect I’ve had on a few ex-boyfriends.

On the walk over, I noticed that Exene’s shop, Uncle Jer’s, on Sunset has closed down and fast destined to become a coffee shop. I’m gonna miss it, that shop was a landmark of cool for me growing up in LA.

John Doe suggested that X had no relevance to the Cinco de Mayo context of the show and, conversely, Exene made a statement en espanol which got the crowd all riled up. X sounded better than their records. My only complaint was that I listen to the records a lot louder than The Greek is allowed to let the bands play.

After X I had an electrifying stare down with a man in a pork-pie hat, who looked like Tim Armstrong and Leonard Cohen had a baby. Can you imagine? It was epic. I was forced to look away, as I had stopped breathing. So glad to know in these hideous times of online dating, text messaging and general candy ass behavior, that there are still dudes out there who know how to throw lightening bolts with their eyes.

Los Lobos were headlining with a slew of epic cameos, my favorite being Neko Case, who brought her magic voice to the party.

It was getting really cold, under the glare of the supermoon and Los Lobos got the place cooking long enough for a few dances.

We strolled back down hill and my friend gave me a ride home, as my legs were done. I can’t wait for summer at The Greek and The Bowl. I love LA.