Here’re some of my favorite moments and favorite people from the premiere of Girl Chocolate’s latest masterpiece “Pretty Sweet”.

Tony and Trixie came down from SF to check out the video and as proud contributors to the epic soundtrack with their anthem “Truck Boys”. It’s a close race between Kenny and his wife and these two for King and Queen of the prom.

Tony has two moves: the finger and the feel up.


Or these two, prom kings Owens and O’Mealz.

The ornate landmark theater has three levels and everywhere I turned there were hugs and high-fives. Since I left my last skate boss job, I’ve been off radar and this weekend I was happy to put myself on blast, “I’m here!”

After running around checking in with folks I haven’t seen in years, I scrambled and ended up in the best seat in the house next to my friend and mentor Jim T and my friend and arch nemesis Mickey Reyes. It felt great to be surrounded by so many friends, both old and new, from more than a decade spent in a van full of dudes.

Dustin tortured Mic and I, telling us that we were officially old. I leaned across Jim and Tommy G to hug Dustin and he asked why it took so long, commenting that I moved like an old woman. These frickin’ kids… sheesh.

Mic’s daughter Dakota is no better. This is her version of “I love you too.”

This is my newest friend, Gary Rogers, skateboarding’s conscience.

Together we counted the seconds down from ten with the on screen timer and when the countdown hit zero the entire theater went nuts. Then the thirty plus members of Girl and Chocolate team and the filmers hit the stage to a cheering audience.

The first shot of “Pretty Sweet” is as much a testament to the prowess of filmmakers Ty Evans and Spike Jonze, as it is to the phenomenal talent of the Girl / Chocolate team riders. Rivaling Scorcese’s epic three minute tracking shot in “Goodfellas”, this opening shot is one for the record books and will leave audiences wondering “how” for years to come.

Their kids are so scary, and I got nostalgic, wishing that they were my kids, if only to be proud of ’em and think, “My kids will eat your kids.”

Midway through the video I realized that I was sitting like my spine was fused straight, on the edge of my seat and that my hands had been pressed in a prayer position for more than twenty-five minutes. I sat back in my theater chair and took out a fresh piece of gum, as I had chewed mine into a solid.

When it was all said and done, I was completely turned out. Unable to comprehend some of what I’d seen, I closed my eyes and could still see skateboarding. Exiting the theater I realized I wasn’t the only one, everyone was pie-eyed and looked shocked.

Congratulations to the Girl and Chocolate family!

Thanks for reminding me how much I love skateboarding.