Back in the late ’90’s, in New York, when Coney Island High shut down, the apartment I shared became the unofficial L.E.S. after hours. Our apartment had previously been host to legendary “Greendoor” parties, before I lived there. The speakeasy mojo was dormant, but as the first cigarette butts got stomped out on our floor, the mojo kicked right back in. The living room was comprised of a Wurlitzer, extra van benches for couches, and milk crates for everything else. As the bars emptied after last-call, our apartment would fill up. Every morning we would forcibly remove everyone around 9AM, so we could go to bed. I had a padlock on the inside and outside of my bedroom door. As I lived with a band, there were a lot of unsavory, very compliant, female lurkers. My friend Bootsy and I would marvel at each one’s unique qualities, and dole out knick-names like “The Foot” and “Anything for another line”. There was one such lady, who was so special that, when asked why she’d been brought over by one of the guys, I could only respond,  “Well, she does have a certain je ne sais blah.”  Hence the name of the blog. The purpose of the blog is to help me remember all of the awesome stuff happening around me. is the personal blog of Robin Fleming

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